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Look After Your Vehicle With Our Car Servicing in Crawley

Regular car servicing is an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance that keeps you safe on the road, while offering up a number of other attractive benefits. As independent mechanics, Crawley MOT Centre deliver affordably priced car servicing packages to motorists not just in our immediate area, but from busy nearby locales like Horley and Gatwick.

Most manufacturers recommend investing in comprehensive car servicing annually (or every 12,000 miles if you get a lot of use out of your vehicle); interim car servicing, less comprehensive but still featuring important check-ups on vehicular health and any required change of oil/filters, is usually recommended every 6 months or 6,000 miles. We provide both to Crawley, Gatwick and Horley motorists, ensuring you can stay on top of vehicle maintenance year-round.

We also offer car servicing bundled with MOT testing, so you can save money and hit “two birds with one stone”. The two synergise well, as car servicing improves the likelihood you will past MOT testing first time round.


Fuel Economy – Motorists in our principal service areas of Crawley, Gatwick and Horley, and all surrounding locales, can improve engine performance and thus how many miles they get to the gallon. This results in real, tangible savings each and every time they head to the pumps.

Road Safety – It’s difficult to put a set value on road safety; but considering how affordable car servicing it is, it’s a no brainer that it’s well worthwhile. There aren’t many opportunities you get for a professional mechanic to diagnose emerging issues and nip them in the bud, and a service is one of them.

Reduced Repair Costs – There are a number of factors to consider with an automotive fault that’s due to a lack of maintenance: roadside recovery costs, loss of earnings and disruption to routine, and the cost of diagnostics and repairs themselves. Car servicing, being an effective form of maintenance, reduces the chance something will go wrong with your vehicle and can help you bypass all these associated costs, which many Crawley, Gatwick and Horley motorists can attest to adding up, fast!

Better Handling – While some minor issues with a vehicle aren’t going to get much worse and endanger your safety, they may impact on your day-to-day driving experience and prove a real nuisance. Car servicing can help keep things working smoothly, improving handling and reducing those niggling concerns that make driving less of an enjoyable experience – which it should be!

Preserving Value – If you come to sell your vehicle – either on Crawley, Gatwick or Horley’s second hand market, or via a trade in at your local dealership – then its car servicing history, and general condition, will have a lot to say in terms of what you get back. If you want to protect your investment and maximise your eventual return, a consistent history of car servicing at a reputable garage like Crawley MOT Centre can have a massive positive effect.

To book in car servicing with time served mechanics, call Crawley MOT Centre on (01293) 404054. We’re just a short drive from Gatwick, Horley, and many more Sussex locales