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The First Port of Call for MOT Testing in Crawley

If your vehicle is over 3 years old then you are legally required to have it undergo annual MOT testing. While many find this obligation to be a huge hassle, it needn’t be if you choose the right team for the job. Crawley MOT Centre is that team. We’ve long served the local area, making it easy to stay on the road safely and legally, and also receive visits from motorists in nearby areas like Horley and Gatwick.

So how do we streamline the MOT process? One way is by offering flexible appointment times, so no matter what your schedule looks like, you can get MOT testing taken care of on your terms. Another way we help our client base is by ensuring costs are ultra-competitive; this is why so many Crawley, Horley and Gatwick motorists switch from having MOT testing completed at chain garages or dealerships, to an independent garage like our own – the savings.


Crawley MOT Centre carries out MOT testing on both a standalone basis, and as part of car servicing bundles. So if you’re due a service (manufacturers’ advice can differ, but a full service every 12,00 miles or 12 months, and interim service every 6,000 miles or 6 months is usually recommended) and also need to secure MOT certification, this is a great way both to save money and maximise the chances you pass first time.

All MOTs are carried out by our trained mechanics, who will go over the MOT checklist in meticulous detail to ensure your vehicle is road safe. You can go away and take care of other things on your to do list while we work, or wait and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in our waiting/viewing area; as with all other aspects of what we do, such as car repairs and car servicing, we tailor our service to you.

At Crawley MOT Centre, just a short drive from Horley and Gatwick, our core tenant is transparency. If for any reason your vehicle fails MOT testing, we’ll show you the cause first hand and explain it to you in detail. We’ll then recommend the best course of action, which may be a minor adjustment or the need for repair (either on the spot or scheduled in should a part be unavailable). You are free to have this work undertaken elsewhere, but should you have any essential repair work carried out by our mechanics, you will not only be guaranteed to get quality work done at a highly competitive price, but we will carry out a free re-test once work is completed.

To book in MOT testing at Crawley MOT Centre, call our friendly team on (01293) 404054. We also serve motorists in Horley, Gatwick and all surrounding areas.